Confidence Vs Arrogance

Today we’re talking about confidence. Always told to be confident, always told to believe in ourselves. But, what if that line between confidence and arrogance, that starts to blur. That’s what we’re talking about. Let’s go. 

Now, of course, I want you to still be confident. Absolutely, yes, this is important, and I certainly don’t want you to stop working on this. But you need to define the difference. You need to get a clear understanding of the difference between the two because the line can get very fuzzy and very confusing. And it’s such an important thing for growth, and for your life. So let’s go.  

The first main difference between confidence and arrogance. Confidence is a lot more about believing yourself and not letting go of that will to learn because there’s always room to improve, you’re always trying to show up as your best version, or your best self. And it’s a lot more internally focused, or self-development focused. Arrogance, on the other hand, is the need for everyone around you to know that you’re best, whether you are or you aren’t. And it’s often just masking insecurities. It’s all about the perception. And living in a world of arrogance … it just hinders growth, because your focus is so much on the external. You’re always wanting to appear amazing, and you’re always want to appear successful, and you want to appear rich and all these things, versus actually focusing on the internal developments that you can implement, for self-improvement.  

The second main reason between confidence and arrogance. A confident person isn’t afraid to talk about their weaknesses or their insecurities, rather they’re quite open and transparent about these things. Whereas an arrogant person, they often just tell exaggerated versions of how great they are, when deep down they’re really insecure.  

The third main difference between confidence and arrogance. A confident person does not feel the need to prove anything to anyone, whereas an arrogant person, they have to tell everyone they’re the best, even when their claims are not even true.

The fourth main difference between confidence and arrogance. A confident person is someone that will share insights. They’ll share their knowledge. They want to uplift people. They want to empower people. That is something that they care about. Whereas an arrogant person, they don’t give a shit about other people. All they want to do is proclaim their successes. They want to proclaim their achievements, and even if that’s at the expense of bringing other people down, they don’t care.

The fifth main difference between confidence and arrogance. A confident person does not care what other people think, whereas an arrogant person, they’re so consumed by their perception of others. So an arrogant person, a lot of it can just be surface, right? They don’t care if there’s any meat behind it, any substance to it. They just want to be seen as being awesome and amazing. But this consumes them. They have to have people see them in this way, where a confident person, they don’t care about that. They don’t care what people’s perception of them is, because they’re confident in themselves.  

So which one are you? Do you have any traits of arrogance? Now it’s okay if you do, right? Just go to work. Build upon that self-confidence. Work on yourself, work on your inner world, so you can not be ashamed of who you are as an actual person. You really want to be able to unpack your thoughts, unpack your feelings.

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