Regretting A Decision?

Do you ever regret the decisions that you have made? Are you plagued with regret from a past decision? You see, regret is a choice, not a necessity. You choose to feel bad about a past decision and often get caught up and stuck there for a while, sometimes forever. So you need to train yourself to view regret in a different way. Now you might be asking, “Okay, Scott, well how do I do that?” Well, fortunately for you, I’ve got the answers.

By the end of this, you’ll have a new approach of dealing with decisions of the past and you’ll be well on your way to living a regret-free life. There are five tips; five very, very important tips. Each and every single one of them is important. Let’s dive straight into him.

Okay, well the first one is like many things that I talk about, it’s the start with your inner world. Don’t let regret restrict you from improving and from growing. Rather than waiting for that next regretful decision to come round, start priming your mind now. Put in the time each morning, each day to rewire your thinking; fire up new mental pathways ones that carry empowering and positive thoughts.

I would recommend introducing mindfulness or meditation. Start reading a book every week or every two weeks. Start listening to a podcast or listen to YouTube like my channel here. Things that are going to target those areas where you’re holding onto that regret. So this self-development, whether it’s through any of those avenues, this is going to start feeding your brain; your mental computer. It’s going to be giving an Intel, it’s going to essentially be giving it an upgrade of information, so this will help you with your decisions that you’re making. This will help you with your thoughts because you’re strengthening it through uploading all this fresh information and new information to make you stronger, make you more mentally tough.

When I say all these things, I may sound like I’ve got it all sussed out, like I’ve got it all figured out, but going back 10 years ago or so, I was a complete mess inside my head. I was living with regret. That was half the problem while I had such high anxiety and I was overthinking so much because I was hanging on to this regret and things that I’d done in the past, but I didn’t have the knowledge. I didn’t have the Intel. I didn’t know how to actually go about fixing it or if it was even a problem. I was just so engrossed in the issues with going inside my head, but it did get to a point where I hit rock bottom when I had to figure it out. The first thing that I did when I made that decision, I’ve got to fix this was I started to learn. I started to grow and that is number two. It’s about learning and growing.



Okay, picture this right? Imagine this. You’re in the universe somewhere, right? Just floating; you’re bodiless. Your spirit, your soul, it’s floating. You had nobody. You have no all life as such, and you’re viewing this life that is presented in front of you from afar. So you’ve been handed this document and it’s got the rap sheet of this life; your potential life that you can take over. So you’ve been given an opportunity to take over this life and the rap sheet and documents and you’re reading through it.

So you didn’t get good grades at school. You cheated on your partner. so many poor decisions that were made with this life. You committed crimes. You went to prison. That is life. That is the choice. If you’re going to let go, leave and take over this body, that is the one that you’re going to be given. That’s your life that you’re taking over.

So you can step in, step into that life, take it over. That’s yours and this is your chance to make it the best life possible. So what would you do? Well, I tell you what I would do. You’d either look at what you can do to improve the situation or you’d be looking at starting that life with no regrets. Listen, you can’t change the past, but you can create your future. Yes, you burn bridges, but guess what? Life enables you to build new ones. That’s the great thing about life. Okay? So get to work. Identify what needs to change and set your goals.

If you can change the perception of the impact of a mistake that you made, then you will have no regrets. You will only have steps towards success and if you’ve made poor decisions that have impacted your work, your relationship, your living conditions, or your health, then you can still make new choices. You can still create change. It’s not too late. It’s never too late, in fact. Learn from every decision and look for those growth opportunities and you take action. If you fail, well guess what? You get up, you learn, you grow, you take some more action.

Number three is to focus on bringing value. So you want to go about bringing good to the world, right? Create value, build good habits, read more books, level up your mind, level up your life. You become a high performer when you do all this in line with your vision. Work on yourself every day. So strengthen your weaknesses, improve your habits, up-skill level up your mind so you can bring value to others.

If you switch your goals and attention towards bringing value to other people and do this authentically, this will limit all feelings of regret. Yes, you can make mistakes, but mistakes when selfish, carry a much larger level of regret.

Number four. Put your hand up. If you fucked up, own up to it. There is nothing worse than holding on to guilt. It’s like having a bomb inside you that’s just sitting there waiting to go off. Open the door, let the bomb out, and you’ll have a huge weight off your shoulders. Live with transparency.

Number five. You may need to make radical changes so be prepared to make radical changes. So often people make the same decisions over and over, which just lead to poor outcomes. You may need to dig deep at the base of these demons. Start by writing them out. What’s at stake if you don’t change? What’s at stake if you make another poor decision? Use it, leverage it, and go very deep. You need a big reason, then you need to go and make some big changes and then some big actions.

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