Turning Your Inner Critic Into An Inner Cheerleader

We all have thoughts banging around in our head right?  

I’m never going to achieve this, I’m such a failure, I’m not lucky enough…


Well, one of the things we teach inside our Self-Confidence Bootcamp is to turn your inner critic into your inner cheerleader.  


Rather than having this mind thingy disempower us from believing in ourselves, we prime it to collaborate with us, to cheer us on, to turn into a superstar cheerleader!


I was in sales for 13+ years and part of that time I coached people to overachieve in their targets.  

I recall this one time, I was sitting one of the meeting rooms in the office.  It was a small square office, just enough room for 2 people.  It had a glass wall so you could see in from the open office.  Anyway, I was helping a lady named Pam (not her real name). She was about 28, long brown hair and about 5 foot 3.  


She was struggling to make her target and get paid her commission.  This caused her a lot of self-doubt in her ability which flowed into her performance and ultimately her life.  

She had enough and was crying because of it.  She felt that if she didn’t improve she would have to leave or maybe she would even get fired.  In this breakdown, she felt that she wasn’t good enough to make it in sales and in the company.  

After we spoke it was apparent that her problem didn’t stem from ability, it was her inner critic telling her that she was crap.  


Her mind was then finding support for the inner critic.  Throwing up a compelling argument with references of times she didn’t hit her target as well as pretty much any time in her life she was unsuccessful.  


She wanted to work on techniques and tactics, however, the long term and even the immediate win relied upon her believing in herself.  


So we started there!   We looked at creating a better story for her mind, breaking down the target into milestones and filling her mind with references of success and achievements.  


She decided from that point that it was possible and became excited about the plan we had laid out.  She became an action taker.  She made more calls and was more focused and engaging with customers because she didn’t have herself getting in the way.


She went from someone who was hovering around 90% of her target to going all the way up to 160% with no extra sales training just purely on mindset work around her confidence.

This gave her a great sense of achievement, gave better outcomes for customers and much better paydays for herself.


So in summary, we need to leverage our mind to support the goals we desire, create better stories and references to boost the belief in ourselves.  

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