What Would You Do With This Superpower?

What do you think is possible, If you were given a superpower of self-confidence?

I asked this question in a survey.  I sent it to all my clients and all these other people around the globe and got very similar answers back.

“I can conquer anything”

“I can take on the world”

“Anything is possible”

In summary, whatever the heck I want.

If people can achieve whatever the heck they want with self-confidence, why is it not the number one priority? Why is it not the number one focus?

Is it the number one focus for you?

Over the years I’ve had the good fortune of helping many people achieve results and work on their confidence and it really causes problems in three areas of your life

First, it prevents people from having better relationships and communicating. It hits their people skills, whether it’s socially, whether it’s a business network, whether it’s public speaking or standing up and doing that speech or delivering that presentation or meeting new friends, meeting new people, it hits us there, right? Doesn’t it?

The second area is it stops us from going after our dreams.  Lack of belief, lack of confidence stops us from achieving the things that we want to achieve.

And thirdly, it’s an internal thing.  it’s what we think about ourselves. It’s our self-worth, self-belief, the value we can add,  the confidence that we can do things.

When they overcome this and learn how to build the confidence they go onto have a much happier, more successful, more fulfilled and more meaningful life and really go after things they want.  Feel free to achieve anything.

So onto you – I want you to imagine for a second.

I’m giving you this superpower and this superpower is untapped self-confidence.   You’re filled to the brim with your self-confidence, no limitation, nothing holding you back.  Here, take it!

Now, imagine yourself in 20 years in the future after leveraging this superpower of self-confidence.

I want you to write down or just imagine what that scene is.   What are your relationships like?

Your business or your career?

Where do you live?

What are your finances like?

What about your partner relationships?

What do you look like? Feel like? Act like?

Write down all the things you’ve achieved and look at your list.  The difference between where you are and there is your self-confidence.

Good news is, I’m here to tell you that self-confidence is not some magical superpower. You’re not just born with self-confidence.  Self-confidence is a skill. It’s something that you can acquire. Yeah. It’s something that you can acquire you.

We all can get self-confidence, build self-confidence. It’s something you can learn.

I want you to understand that you can achieve these things. You can have those better relationships. You can go after those dreams, you can feel better about yourself. Believe in yourself. Yes, you can do those things.

So really just for today, I want you to understand that and make a decision, make a commitment to yourself that you can achieve self-confidence!   Decide that you can acquire the skills you need to build all the levels of self-confidence that you need to go after the things that you want in your life.

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