Don’t Wait To Feel Confident (DO THIS INSTEAD)

What’s going on? Scotty here. Do you ever wait to be confident before you do something? So you’re kind of like, “I just want to feel right about it. I wish I was more confident so I could go and do this.  So it could be socially, right? “I’m going to go talk to that person when I feel more confident.” It could be in a career situation. “I’m going to go for that job when I feel more confident. I’m going to go to that interview when I feel more confident.”

We’ve all been there. And the problem is that this is a trap.  That’s not how confidence works.  If you don’t overcome this, you can go your whole life, waiting to be confident and being a subpar version of themselves, what their potential is.  And unfortunately, that confidence will not happen unless you take action.

Confidence is having trust in your abilities, in yourself, to be able to achieve something. It is having trust in yourself to be able to achieve something, in your abilities. What we need to do is we need to actually take action. And when we take action, the more action we take, this develops us as a person. We will acquire skills. We will acquire knowledge. And even if we fail we can see that as progression, we can see that as a step forward, we can learn from that, and we can evolve, we can level up, we can get better. And as we do this, and the more action we take, then because we’re getting better at it, more efficient, faster, whatever it is, we then start getting confidence. As we get more confidence in it, then we start doing a better job and then we start getting the results that we want in our life.

We can precisely target the key areas in our life where we want to get results, and rather than, “Oh yeah, when I’m confident I’m going to do that,” say, “Right. What are the actions I need to take towards that?” And even if it is baby steps, it doesn’t have to be a giant leap, it doesn’t have to be a massive leap, you can just take a small step in that direction, into the result that you want in your life. And you can be precise about where you’re targeting so you can add the key results that you want to achieve, and you can target those with baby steps, and then you get the confidence in your ability to be able to get that result.

It’s kind of like if you’re kicking a soccer ball, the first time you kick a soccer ball or a football into the back of the net, you’re not going to be confident that you’re going to be able to score, but the more times you do it, and you can see that it’s going in and it’s working, you might miss some but you’re going to get some, and the more times you do it, the more are going to go in, and then you going to have more confidence in your ability to kick the ball in the back of the net.

Hopefully, you found this helpful. Take the action first even if it’s a micro baby step, your confidence will follow and so will the results. Over and out, take care.

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