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Scott has spent the last 10 years obsessing over personal development.  In particular, how to gain more self-confidence, be a high-performer and creating a bulletproof mindset.

He assists people around the world who have self-doubt, gain more self-confidence in 12 weeks or less.

Scott brings a unique coaching style by combining 10+ years acting in film and television, 13+ years in sales and 5+ years in coaching, leadership and mentoring. 

Whether you want to be more confident talking with people, nailing that speech, in relationships and meeting new people – or just the self-belief to go after bigger goals.   

He specialises in helping you master your mind, gain clarity on who you are and what you want, build your confidence up so you can go after all your wants or desires without letting yourself get in the way.

Get Your Free copy of The Self-Confidence Blueprint


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