The problem with perfectionism behaviour is that it comes from a place of fear of failing or fear of being judged by ourselves or by others. The trait that follows perfectionism is procrastination.   PROCRASTINATION Perfectionists are renowned for overthinking, they obsess over making things perfect. All the research they need to do, all the angles …

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Beating Negative Self Talk

                                                 Have you ever told yourself that you’re not worthy or you’re not good enough, and you have this negative voice just banging around in your head telling you these things? Well, we’re going to cover how to actually beat the negative self-talk and turn it into one that’s going to empower you. So if …

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Accepting Responsibility

Not taking personal responsibility for everything, and I mean everything in your life, is holding you back mentally and in the actions you take. The moment you don’t take responsibility and start pointing fingers at that person, this person, that event, that circumstance and all these things in your life, you’re putting yourself into what …

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