The Self Confidence Bootcamp

Learn how to go from having self-doubt to gaining more self-confidence... and become your best version

Are you being held back by a LACK OF SELF-CONFIDENCE?

Ever wish you could...  

  • Comfortably walk up to a stranger and initiate conversation? 
  • Have the confidence to achieve your health and fitness goals? 
  • Have amazing relationships? 
  • Step up in your career? 
  • Believe in your ability to go after and achieve your goals? 

I speak to so many ambitious and competent people like you who are being held back by only one thing: self-doubt and lack of confidence 

You might also be: 

  • Uncomfortable in social situations 
  • Fearful of rejection and judgement 
  • Suffering from 'Impostor Syndrome' 
  • Playing small and not reaching your full potential 

Perhaps you’ve wondered where you will be (or won’t be) in years to come if you can’t overcome your challenges around confidence.  Too many people postpone their fulfillment, happiness and success because of lack of confidence and low self-esteem.  

Don’t be one of them!

THE GREAT NEWS is that there is a clear and simple process to developing self-confidence – so you can smash your health and fitness goalsprogress your career or thrive in your social life.  

The Self-Confidence Bootcamp is a 12 week training and coaching program which will ensure you gain more self-confidence and achieve results without your inner critic getting in your way.


You’ll benefit from years of research and application as well as a proven self-confidence system, which will get you results FAST! 

Here's A Snapshot of What You'll Learn:

  • How To Get Super Clear On What Results You Want, Who You Are And What You Stand For
  • How To Create An Action Plan That You Believe You Can Execute Without The Self-Doubt Getting In The Way
  • How To Build Courage And Take Action Despite Fear No Matter The Goal
  • How To Build Stronger Personal And Professional Relationships
  • How To Be Masterful In Conversations No Matter Who They Are
  • How To Go From Second Guessing Yourself To Making Decisions That Are Clear And Assured
  • How To Master Your Mindset And Not Let Your Thoughts Dictate How You Feel And Act
  • How To Stop Worrying About Other People's Opinions And Be Happy Being Your True Authentic Self
  • How To Get Yourself Into A Peak State To Switch Your Mood Into One That Is Powerful And Confident
  • How To Be A Boss Communicator

Here’s What’s Included

  • 8 training modules with in-depth videos and downloadable exercises for you to cement the knowledge and take action on
  • 3 months of group coaching calls
  • Dedicated Facebook Group for all Bootcampers to get help implementing, ask questions and empower each other
  • 3 months of unlimited email and SMS support

Here's What Some Recent Clients Have To Say...

One of the main problems I had before working with Scott was spending too much time floating through my weekly grind, without having any set goals or direction that I was working towards. Working with Scott has enabled me to have more clarity around where I would like to be 2-5-10 years down the line. With this in mind, I have found that my days have more purpose, I have more confidence and am more assertive as I am working towards my goals with a clearer vision. I have also developed habits that will help me along the way. These include better scheduling techniques, waking up earlier, goal setting and being more assertive. I would recommend Scott to anyone who is caught up in the day to day grind of 9-5 work. Anyone who is looking to get some clarity around what their passions are and serious about making changes.

Elia Mickaeal - Sales Professional

Before I met Scott I was feeling lost in the direction of my life and what kind of side hustle I wanted to create in my life. I had all these dreams of creating a business in the long term leaving some kind of legacy but I'd never do anything about it. I'd procrastinate, I'd never take any real-world action. During Scott's coaching program I started to have so many epiphanies about my life; my work, career and business. I became super motivated and he kept me accountable with clear goals and structure I could follow easily. Now I feel like I'm in control of my life and I've already hit two of my goals for 2020 and it feels great. I can't thank you enough Scott. If anyone needs help with their mindset, career or any part of their life, I definitely recommend you speak with Scott.

Joey Johnson - Sales Solution Specialist

Prior to working with Scott, I was not focussing on myself personally and only focussing on other issues which weren’t allowing me to move on. I would look back on previous issues always and not look at the present and focus on moving forward. After a few conversations I was able to add different strategies to clear my mind and focus on the important things. Strategies for eg. Meditation, daily exercise. Having implemented these things I have been able to focus on myself and it has allowed me to deal with a number of personal things I was going through. I would recommend anyone needing to just have a raw conversation with no wall there. Scott is very good with guiding and also implanting different strategies to deal with past/present issues

Adrian Caycho - Director

I had trouble with confidence and trying to explain myself better before working with Scott. After working with Scott I was more confident and had more reassurance. I now feel I am good enough and would recommend any business people to hire Scott as a coach. He's a great guy who helps clients get results.

Julie Lucas  - Results Coach

I needed help with a plan to hit my goals and help developing a strong mindset to overcome adversity when it came. Scott helped me identify goals I wanted to achieve without me ever saying it out loud before. He helped me build the extra confidence and have the right mindset needed to map out a real plan to achieve my goals.

Ruly Zahri

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